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  DH505 (Door Holder-505)
Fail-Save (Power to lock)
Wall flush mount 
24VDC- 50mA
Lock Sensors output (specify on order)
With adjustable steel core(adjustable distance - 10mm)
Magnet (DH505)-120Lx76.2Wx30.5H mm
Armature plate
(S-AP702)-60Lx60Wx55.5H mm(Adjustable)
(S-AP702F)-60Lx60Wx24H mm (Fixed)
    I. Dimensions:
   Magnet (DH505)-120L x 76.2W x 30.5H mm
   Armature plate
   (S-AP702)-60L x 60W x 55.5H mm (Adjustable)
   (S-AP702F)-60L x 60W x 24H mm (Fixed) 
   II. Floor mount
  III. Holding force: about 110lb (50kg)
  IV. Dual voltage: 12 / 24VDC (default)
   V. Current draw: 100mA/12V, 50mA/24V
  VI. Option: lock status sensor
 VII. With adjustable steel core(adjustable distance - 10mm)
VIII. Adjustable (default) or fixed armature plate
  IX. Built-in voltage spike suppressor
   X. CE approved
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