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  EB-2501N SERIES (Mini electric bolt Lock)
Fail-Save (Power to lock)
Auto-detective logical 
12VDC or 24VDC
12VDC-Pull in/0.98A;Holding/0.24A
24VDC-Pull in/0.55A;Holding/0.15A
Time delay: 0/3/6/9 sec. (Tact switch)
Door Status Sensors output (DSS)
Fits 30x30 mm frame.
Lock body-200Lx25.4Wx29H mm
Striker plate-102.5Lx25.4Wx2 mm
Bolt-15.8D/Deep 14 mm
Brackets: EB-2501HB/EB-2501GJ

I.  Features & Functions
  ◎ Fits 30x30 mm frame.
  ◎ Stainless steel bolts 15.8 mm diameter.
  ◎ Whole alloy housing & Stainless steel face plate
  ◎ Holding force over 1000kgf.
  ◎ Auto-relocking timer setting: 0、3、6、9 sec. for door    
       locking time delay self-regulating by Tact-switch.
  ◎ Built-in exit switch input to unlock
      (If connected with latch type of exit switch, the bolt     
        lock  will be as N.O. without activated till switch off.)
II. Additional Functions (Depending on order requirements)
   1. Auto-detective logical (MCU)
   2. Built-in monochrome indicator (Built-in LED)
   3. Lock status sensor output (LSS): Indicates locked or unlocked bolt status 
       _ Optical coupler _ NO TYPE
   4. Door position status output (DSS): Indicates door opened or closed position
       _ COM,NO (NC depending on the order)
   5. Capability to extend the LED by external indicators about 50cm (Extend the LED)

Power Input and Tolerance
Stable PSU recommended
Current Draw
Pull in
Changeable by power input and higher outer temp.
Changeable by power input and higher outer temp.
Surface Temperature
< 40
Room Temp. 25
Max.3W; Max.30VDC;Max.0.2A
COM,NO(NC depending on the order)
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