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  ML01/ML02 (Magnetic Lock-1200lb)
Fail-Save (Power to lock)
Surface mounted 
0~90 SEC.(specify on order)
Lock Status Sensors output+ Dual LED
Door Status Sensors output (specify on order)
magnet (ML01) : 266L x 73H x 40Dmm
magnet (ML02) : 532L x 73H x 40Dmm
armature plate : 185L x 61W x 16Tmm
Mounting brackets options:B1002A(L&Z)
    I. Dimensions:
   Magnet (ML01) : 266L x 73H x 40Dmm 
   Magnet (ML02) : 532L x 73H x 40Dmm 
   Armature plate(1200lb) : 185L x 61W x 16Tmm  
   II. Surface mounted 
  III. Holding force: about 1200lb(544kg)
  IV. Current draw: 500mA/12V, 250mA/24V
   V. Dual voltage: 12 / 24VDC (Jummer)
  VI. Option : lock status sensor, timer, door status sensor 
 VII. Built-in voltage spike suppressor 
VIII. CE approved; UL listed
  IX. Patented
   X. The dimension can be added according to customer's request
  XI. Mounting brackets options:
 A. L&Z brackets: B1002A
  - L Brackets for Magnetic lock: B1098-1
  - Z Brackets for Armature plate: B10922+ B10923
 B. Armature plate housing: B0001A
 C. Adjustable brackets: B1001
 D. Angle bracket: B1003
 E. Filler bar: B1004, B1005
 F. U-brackets: U-185 
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